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Welcome to Marrakesh Express Travel, a very special tour operator that invites you to embark on the holiday of a lifetime exploring the wonders of what is widely recognised as one of the most fascinating and spectacular destinations in the world, Morocco, a kingdom of true enchantment.

Why Morocco?  Ask anyone who has been there and they will tell you “Seek and you will find.”  An initial sense of disbelief, swiftly followed by real pleasure is the frequent response of the newcomer to this surprising country.

The miracle is its seamless blend of past and present, a mix of traditions, customs and costumes you thought had vanished with time, but are still alive and thriving in a dazzling land that, while embracing new technology, has thrillingly escaped the creeping similarity that threatens to standardise identity in so many parts of the modern world.

Just three hours by air from Britain and 15 km across the Strait of Gibraltar from Spain, no other land so close can offer such an air of mystery and romance, where the heartbeat of Africa and Arabia mingle with that of the original Berber inhabitants; a realm of luscious valleys, green cedar forests, rugged snowcapped mountains that soar so high they seem to touch the sky inspiring the ancients to name them Atlas after the mythical giant that carried the world on his shoulders. And, of course, to the south lies the great Sahara Desert.

It comes as a vast surprise to the first-time visitor to discover that much of the fiery beauty and spirit of that old Moorish empire which ruled Spain for 800 years and vanished when the Spaniards reconquered, is still in existence, miraculously preserved as though in a time warp, at the heart of a modern country, not fossilised but a living, thriving force.


Known to the Arab world as Maghreb al-Aqsa, farthest land of the setting sun, Morocco has two magnificent coastlines, one the sparkling turquoise Mediterranean, the other a long swathe of the azure blue Atlantic, each with white duned beaches served by exquisite world-class hotels.

The idyllic, climate resembles those of California and Southern Europe. The reliable clear blue skies, cool breezes allied with a heady mixture of sweet fragrances make for happy and unforgettable days that will last you a lifetime. You can linger among maritime pines, pink laurel bushes, palms and acacias, wander the sea dunes where the lone falcon soars high above, or visit historic cities where storks perch on old palaces or watch flamingos glide by a lakeside.

The country has made tourism one of its major industries and built an infrastructure of first-class hotels which equals and often outstrips anything in the world. Many have the most innovative and delightful exteriors combining the elegance of old Islam and imaginative contours of the 21st century, factors that enhance the impression that this surprising realm is a real-life mixture of Star Wars and the Arabian Nights.

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Arabic writting on morish pilar

Old La Mamounia Door

Modern Bar in Marrakech Medina

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