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With such a stormy history , Morocco has evolved four imperial cities which, at various times, under succeeding rulers, the Idrissid, Almoravid, Almohad, Merinid, Saadian, and the present Alaouite Dynasty, were capitals of an empire that stretched to equatorial Africa.


These are the present capital, Rabat, Meknes, Fez and Marrakesh, the fabled rose pink city beneath the Atlas. In each of the four the King has a royal palace.

Imperial Cities - Rabat


Morocco’s present capital is Rabat, white, imperial and impressive.

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Imperial Cities - Meknes


Imperial Meknes “of the Olive Trees” about 50 km south west of Fez

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Imperial Cities - Fes


Fez, one of the world’s most important medieval monuments,

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Imperial City of Marrakech


The Imperial City of the fabulous, glorious Marrakech.

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