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Accomodation in Taroudant

La Gazelle D’or
Palais Salam

Inland to the mouth of the Souss and the entrance to the High Atlas stands Taroudant encircled by ramparts with five massive gates. Date palms peer over from inside the walls while surrounds are filled with groves of olives and eucalyptus.

Taroudant, once the capital of a small kingdom in the 1100′s and later a great centre for resistance against invaders, now basks, remote in the sunshine, sought by the visitor who wants to experience the authentic sights and aromas of old Morocco.

Craftsmen specialise in silverware, in leatherwork and limestone, while the rich produce of the orchards of the Souss are on sale in its marketplace. Peacocks cry from behind ramparts and the old palaces welcome the tourist losing nothing of their delights in their new role as a hotel which sometimes welcome such unexpected figures as Rolling Stone Mick Jagger and friends.